We are often asked, “Why should I use a travel agent when I can just book online myself?” A great and funny response someone once said was “You do not cut your own hair; you leave it up to your stylist. Sure you could probably cut it yourself, but it’s not worth the risk. You want a professional who is trained to do it.” Once you experience and see first hand the value of using a travel agent, you will never book without an agent again!


1) Peace Of Mind – Plan and travel knowing there is someone who will help you out in the event of a delay, cancellation, lost luggage or any other unforeseen circumstances.


2) Customer Service – No travel website is going to offer you the personal touch that comes from working with a travel agent who has your best interests at heart.


3) Maximize Your Budget – A travel agent will find you the best prices will even price match online booking engines for you. The best travel agents have unique access to exclusive benefits that can save you a lot of money plus make your vacation experience that much better. Some of these benefits include: spa credits; free room upgrades; free airport transfers; food and beverage credits; “skip the line” at many top attractions, free hotel nights and so much more!


4) Better Choices – A travel agent can offer you prices and properties that will never be posted online. If you contact a cruise line directly they are not going to tell you that a competitors cruise line is actually a better fir for you, but your travel agent has access to most of the cruise lines meaning they will match you with the best fit for your requests.

         SAVE TIME

5) Saves Time – Over 20% of travelers that do their bookings online spend over 5 hours planning their trip. Leave it up to the experts and enjoy your valuable free time! Travel agents organize all of the logistics from creating your itinerary to finding you the best tour guides in a foreign country.


6) Personal Service – From arranging private tours to reserving your preferred mode of transportation your travel agent is prepared to handle all the small details to make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible. A great travel agent will focus on creating an unforgettable experience vs. just a vacation.


7) Insight & Expertise – Travel agents regularly attend travel industry seminars and conferences plus they travel the world themselves to be your cruise, hotel, air and destination expert!


8) Document Assistance – Passport, Visa, what else? A travel agent knows exactly what you need and will make sure you have exactly what you need when traveling outside the country.


9) Consumer Advocate – Should anything go awry, your travel agent will be there to act on your behalf to resolve any problems that arise on your trip.

                 IT'S FREE !

10) It’s Free! – Most travel agents do not charge a fee to research and book your vacation. A travel agents commission is already built into the price you are paying.