Using a Travel Agent vs. Going it Alone
In the age of the Internet and online booking sites, some may consider using a Travel Agent old- fashioned. If you do, please read this entire letter and you will find that agents are more useful than simply selling trips to Disney World and cruises. You may be surprised to find that we provide services or have knowledge that you just can’t get online –that working with a real live person is just plain superior.


1)Our Agents Are Educated and Have Personal Experience

Simply put, they know more than you about travel. They can give you insider tips and advice, using their education and personal experience to guide your vacation decisions. They have access to personal feedback from hundreds of clients, plus they are travelers. Nothing teaches you more about travel than actually traveling and our agents take several trips each year to familiarize themselves with new destinations, hotels and ships. .


2)We are Fixers

In addition to helping you get the most for your money, we can step in and fix things if your trip goes awry. The average traveler has limited knowledge of how to fix things and little or no leverage to get it done. When dealing with a Travel Agent, the supplier (hotel, cruise line, airline, etc.) is aware that the agent knows their client’s rights and work harder to find a solution.



Travel sales is now a pretty level playing field. Agents can offer the same rates the supplier offers, so going directly to the supplier via internet is not an advantage, in fact, most of the time the agent can get a lower rate by searching for the supplier with the best rates.



Instead of searching blindly on the Internet for hours, days, or even weeks – depending on the complexity of the travel plans – you can have us do it for you….and we will plan every part of the trip with your personal needs in mind…all with no cost to you.

6)Safety Net

If anything should go wrong during your trip, you can rely on us to put you in touch with the right local people to answer your needs.


7)On the Cutting Edge

We are on the cutting edge of what's new: Travel agents are the first to know about a new resort, cruise ship or tour.  We are also in the position to know when the suppliers offer specials. We have relationships with the best travel suppliers who keep us informed as to the latest and greatest offerings. So if you want to travel on the latest and greatest, agents are the way to go!

8)You Pay the Same Anyway!

Into every cruise rate is included a commission. If you book your travel through the cruise line, they keep the commission. If you book it through us, they pay us the commission. Also, more than 98 percent of hotels are parity priced. That means the cost is the same whether you book it yourself or have the travel agent do the work. This parity pricing applies to virtually every travel product….except the airline.


To do an airline reservation and ticket, regardless of how complex it might be, we charge a flat fee of $20.00 and believe me!...It’s a small price to pay for wading through the many airline fares.


9)You Get Matched Right

If you call a cruise line directly, they won’t tell you that their competitor is a better fit for you and perhaps even has a better price. Since we sell everything, we focus on your particular needs and offer you an honest, unbiased opinion.


10)An Ongoing Mutually Beneficial Relationship

A good agent is like a good mechanic. Once you find them, you’ll never want to give them up. Travel can be your single, most expensive investment, so you want to make sure it’s done right. When you establish a relationship with a Travel Agent, they get to know you and the things you and your family expect from a vacation. You can sit across from them for hours and ask questions, with the benefit of a face-to-fact transaction.

To us, you are our neighbors, our friends. We see you at the grocery store and your kids know ours. If you are not happy, you know where we are located. You can look us in the eye and tell us so. Our livelihood depends on the success of your trip. We want to please you!

Are you capable of managing your own travel?... Of course you are! And most of the time it will work out fine but, then, you will never know how much better it might have been…or how much easier…or how much cheaper…if you had used a knowledgeable Travel Agent.